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As CEO of a company, I don’t want to spend a month deciding on health care. I want to see what the numbers are really quickly, what’s the best plan for my employees… Healthcare is mission critical for our company. We want to retain our employees, we want to offer them what’s fair in the marketplace, we want to make something for them that’s as uncomplicated as possible . We really were impressed with the Dynamis Program… This program is really something that will change the way insurance is done in the next few years.

Ken Muth

CEO, Muth Systems


Learn how Dynamis is helping brokers increase their win ratio, bring on new clients, write new lines, and streamline renewals.

Beating 15 other agencies for the BOR

Beating 15 Other Agencies for the BOR

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Differentiating & streamlining

Differentiating and Streamlining

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Winning Benefits from an Entrenched Broker

Winning Benefits from an Entrenched Broker

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Mitigating substantial increases

Mitigating Substantial Increases

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Integrated Benefit Systems’ One-Week Payback Period

“After seeing the Dynamis demo, we were right in the middle of working with a prospect of 80 lives, competing with 3 other agents. I just looked at Dynamis and said this is another arrow in our quiver that’s going to push us over the edge. Sure enough on 2nd meeting, within a week of purchasing Dynamis, we had one of the owners in there and we were slicing and dicing with them using the Plan Designer to looking at options with the current carrier, including HSAs. Thank you, I firmly believe that Dynamis helped us secure that business.”

Tony Mafeo

Integrated Benefit Systems

Dynamic Plan Design Delivers a 150-Life Group Win

An employer with 150 lives had been offering a dual choice HMO core plan with a buy-up option for years. Faced with an 18% premium increase, the employer asked for competitive proposals from several agents. Our partner agency used the Dynamic Plan Designer to model several options, including their CDHC plans. The CEO proposed several changes to the plans, and our partner agent was able to model those changes during the meeting. The CEO was so pleased, he offered the BOR on the spot. Our partner agency unseated a 10-year incumbent agency as a direct result of their ability to demonstrate their plan design capabilities through the Dynamic Plan Designer.

Lyons Co. Wins $15K in New Revenue

Lyons Co. was working with a 29-employee company for over 10 years on their Commercial coverage. Previously, they had not been able to round out the account and become their BOR for group benefits. In 2014, with the introduction of Community Rating, its complexities, and the impact to the Employer, the customer grew dissatisfied with the level of service from the incumbent broker. They were confused. They did not understand what their options were or what to do. This was the perfect opportunity for Lyons Co. to showcase their value and expertise by being able to use dynamic plan design to bring clarity to the conversation, guiding the Employer to a fast, well-informed decision. With Dynamis, Lyons Co. was able to provide real-time feedback, dozens of what-if scenarios, and work around financial targets. Result: A new customer and ~$15,000 of net new revenue.

Dynamis Software Opens 40 New Leads

“Twenty years ago the plan options were fine and reasonable. Things have changed, however, with outrageous cost increases for many of my clients. I met one day recently with a client to go over the Dynamis offerings. I was able to show her, “Here’s what your current plan is, and here’s what you’re paying for it. It’s a fine plan, but here’s an even better plan, with more options.” She was so impressed with what Dynamis brings to the table, and loved the various options. As a small business, she’s usually ignored. She was so appreciative that she’s since connected me with the leaders of many other companies, who all sit on a board with her. The software from Dynamis has opened the door to over 40 leads for me.”

Tina Gallagher

The Benefit Company

Waldo Agencies’ Significant First-Year Return

“In using Dynamis over the last year, we have gained new clients that could only have been obtained by using the benefit and financial modeling of the software. The factors and variables available, particularly for HRA reimbursement and utilization percentages, have enabled us to provide many scenarios that have been essential to our strategic planning process with clients and development of both short- and long-term solutions. We are thrilled with the results and our future prospects for revenue using Dynamis.”

Tony Kahmann

Benefits Utilization Consultant, Waldo Agencies, Inc.

EBS of Maryland Wins Another New Customer

A 23-life employer was under the impression that they would have to deal with an enormous increase in their upcoming renewal. The small business owners in his network were facing increases upwards of 40%, which they believed was inevitable for their business as well. Kevin Grace at EBS of MD was able to get an introduction to share how that did not have to be the case. Using dynamic plan design in real-time, Kevin was able to showcase the impact of Community Rating in a clear and concise way. He was then able to immediately demonstrate several different creative funding strategies that helped the Employer minimize their renewal increase. Kevin’s ability to provide instant financial impact analysis was the difference maker for EBS and they secured the BOR in one meeting worth $10,000 in net new revenue this year.

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